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1101, 2019

Effect and Function of Kidney Bean

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Effect and Function of Kidney Bean The previous blog, we shared about the healthy food, kidney beans from 4 parts. And this time, we’d like share more about the effect and function of kidney beans from 6 parts. Effect and Function of Kidney Bean Kidney beans have the benefit of stomach, checking belching, tonifying kidney, sedation [...]

2009, 2018

Something About Kidney Bean

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Something About Kidney Bean Kidney beans are very healthy and popular in recent years, and today as a professional kidney beans supplier, we’d like to share something about kidney beans from 4 parts, nutritional value, choosing, storing and where to buy. Nutritional value of kidney bean Kidney bean is a rare food with [...]

2407, 2018

Reduction of All Product Planting Area

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Reduction of All Product Planting Area The following is a simple summary about the situation about 2018 planting and also our estimation shared with you~ Green Mung Bean for Sprouting, The planting of 2018 mung bean is basically over now, and in the following days, there might be some supplement depending on [...]

2305, 2018

Origin Information about Green Mung Bean

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Origin Information about Green Mung Bean Recently it’s time to start 2018 new crop. Farmers are waiting for a rainy day with a little high temperature. Compared with it last year, it’s warmer this year, maybe the planting time will be earlier. And today we’d share something about our very main product, mung [...]

2202, 2018

Different Types of Kidney Beans around the World

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Different Types of Kidney Beans around the World Who says beans have only kidney shape? Who says kidney beans are only red in color, and only particular ones are best for cooking? No! If you ever wish to see the multiple varieties of kidney beans around the world, then go to the [...]

2601, 2018

Black Beans vs. Kidney Beans

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Black Beans vs. Kidney Beans Both black beans and kidney beans are excellent sources of fiber and protein, but each are distinct from one another in appearance, taste, and texture. The large, humble kidney bean is heartier and is a popular addition to comfort foods like chili. The shape of the smaller, [...]

2201, 2018

How To Make A Healthy Kidney Bean Salad In Minutes

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How to Make a Healthy Kidney Bean Salad in Minutes There is no other way you can satisfy your cravings of a wholesome and utterly satisfying meal than having a fresh kidney beans salad at mid of your dining table. Once again we have come up with a highly nutritious salad full [...]


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