How To Make A Healthy Kidney Bean Salad In Minutes

//How To Make A Healthy Kidney Bean Salad In Minutes

How to Make a Healthy Kidney Bean Salad in Minutes

There is no other way you can satisfy your cravings of a wholesome and utterly satisfying meal than having a fresh kidney beans salad at mid of your dining table. Once again we have come up with a highly nutritious salad full of protein, carbohydrates and with low fat that will surely catch your eye. This dish is something I am sure all you have at least tried once. It is no other than the famous red kidney beans salad with a nourishing olive oil dressing. This healthy, nutritious and energy packed salad is very easy to prepare and you can do this in just a matter of minutes.

This is one of our very own favorite recipe that creates a perfect concoction of red beans with some other healthy friendly ingredients. Red beans combined with colorful, sharp textured and rich-flavored ingredients will not only fulfill your mid-night cravings but also the appearance will let you to never forget starvation survivor.

What Ingredient Will You Require

  1. 500 Grams of fresh red kidney beans
  2. 170 Grams of onion
  3. 20g Fresh chilled parsley
  4. Lemon juice
  5. Olive oil
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Black pepper

Note: For best results always use fresh ingredients and extra virgin olive oil. You can also use green onions if you are fan of its flavor. I strongly suggest using fresh and organic red kidney beans.

The Preparation Process

The simplicity of the preparation process of this salad makes it a unique contender among quickly made salads. Following are the steps involved in the preparation of this bean salad.

  1. Rinse the before at least 4-5 hours in Luke warm water. Rinsing the beans will remove the starch that resides on the beans at will results in enhanced taste and appearance of the beans.
  2. There is no restriction for you to use only red beans instead you can also use white or black beans or any other kind of bean you like.
  3. Finely chop onions and parsley and add it to the beans, perform all this mixing in bowl which is big enough to contain all the ingredient.
  4. Once you have added, onion and parsley, it time to make a proper dressing for the salad. Now you have to add olive oil, black pepper, lemon juice and salt mix the concoction thoroughly to spread the flavors evenly to the whole salads.




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