Different Types of Kidney Beans around the World

//Different Types of Kidney Beans around the World

Different Types of Kidney Beans around the World

Who says beans have only kidney shape? Who says kidney beans are only red in color, and only particular ones are best for cooking? No! If you ever wish to see the multiple varieties of kidney beans around the world, then go to the top kidney beans suppliers, and he will show you how vast is the variety of kidney beans.

However, today we are going to highlight the selected kidney bean varieties, have a look;

Varieties of Kidney Beans

  • Broad beans: Alike black beans, they’re likewise oval formed beans and light darker in shading. They have an earthly flavor as well as the creamy surface. The broad beans are good sources of fiber.
  • Black beans: The black beans are small in size, and generally theyre oval shaped. These beans possess a divine flavor with a soft surface, they are also known as turtle beach. The dark beans are Shiny, genuine dark, and has a smooth surface when cooked. Flavor has a strange, faintly sweet note, reminiscent of chocolate.
  • Butter beans: The butter beans are flat, oval-shaped, and creamy, and white in color. The butter beans are rich in foliate, fiber, and iron. They are sold in the market in shell, frozen, dried, and canned forms
  • Adzuki: These beans are also known as Himalayan native, and theyre grown throughout Asia. Theyre slight sweet and starchy. Adzuki looks like small, nearly round red bean with a thread of white along part of the bean.
  • Lima beans: Lima beans are white in color; theyre flat and oval in shape. Theyre usually assumed same with butter beans. The most surprising fact is, lima beans are highly recommended by doctors to suggest for diabetic patients, as theyre not harmful to them.
  • Mung Beans: The mung beans are very small in size, and comes in a variety of colors. They were first found in India and were known as yellow mung, moong daal, or yellow spilled mung. Now people also assume it as dal.




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