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Project Description

Common Name of Green Mung Bean

Mung bean, moong bean, green gram, celera bean[English]; 绿豆 [Chinese]; ヤエナリ, リョクトウ [Japanese]; mungboon [Dutch]; Mungbohne[German]; fagiolo indiano verde[Italian]; kacang hijau [Indonesian]

What is Green Mung Bean?

Green mung bean, also named mung bean, moong bean, mung dal or green gram, is a plant species in the legume family. Green Mung Bean can be eaten cooked or sprouted. When sprouted, it is a living food power packed with enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Green mung bean is also beneficial to the immune system, metabolism and heart, and provides protection against free radical damage.

Main Origin of Green Mung Bean in China:

Green mung bean in China is now widely planted in the Northeast, Hebei, and Shaanxi. Moreover, for sprouting quality green mung bean, the best one is usually planted in Inner Mongolia and our factory is there.

Processing Procedure of Green Mung Bean

Origin Selection → Stone Selector → Separator → Gravity Separator → Magnetic Separator → Color Selector → Storage Entry → Measurement Packing

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    Basic Specification

    Germination Rate 97%
    Moisture 14.5%
    Admixture 0.5%
    Imperfection 1%
    Size 3.6mm up; 3.8mm up

    Something about Trading

    Nutrient Content Nutrient Content
    Heat 316.00 KCAL Protein 21.60 G
    Carotene 130.00 MCG Fat 0.80 G
    Carbohydrate 62.00 G Dietary Fiber 6.40 G
    Niacin 2.00 MG Vitamin A 22.00 MCG

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